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Company Background

Jim Buckles, Owner/Operator of Preferred Business Solutions

Preferred Business Solutions is owned and operated by Jim Buckles.

I came on board with System 1 Software in 1997, and was brand new to the equipment leasing industry. I had known John Kruse and Cliff Monlux, the founders of System 1, through a prior industry experience. I had a reputation for helping companies to embrace automation, and System 1 had a growing demand for expertise in the areas of training and implementation. Over the next 4 years, I assisted over 50 companies in improving their business efficiencies, and, in return, I received a valuable education in equipment leasing, and more specifically, the unique challenges facing the equipment leasing broker. After leaving CapitalStream (formerly System 1 Software) in January, 2001, I decided to continue to offer my services to the industry on an independent basis. And so, I formed Preferred Business Services ("PBS").

I have always been interested in current technologies and the automation of business processes, (starting as far back as 1982 at ComputerLand, Seattle), but never smitten by just the technology alone. My interests lie more significantly in the personal relationships gained by the overall experience of working with people. Without the benefit of establishing a relationship with your customers, you have nothing substantial to build your business on. Automation is a tool, which if implemented correctly, allows you more time to cultivate those relationships and enhance the opportunity to offer something of value to your customer and gain the satisfaction of being of benefit to others. As Zig Zigler puts it "You can have everything you want if you help others get what they want".

In addition to my involvement, PBS combines the talents of other former CapitalStream employees, and is dedicated to the training and support of office automation products for equipment leasing brokers, with a focus on System 1/CapitalStream desktop products. PBS's initial goal is to bridge the gap that has been left with the Brokers who made the initial investment in System 1, but never had available training to thoroughly understand the benefits of these products.

The current services available by PBS are: Advantage desktop training and technical support, custom template and crystal report creation as well as web development. We want to assist you in making your office automation more efficient and to strengthen the message that you portray to your vendors and lessees via the web.

Our goal is to offer the best available support services at affordable rates for the independent businessperson.

I have collaborated with people of the same work ethic, which I have had the pleasure to work with in previous endeavors. Trevor Denham (web programmer extraordinaire) performs Web consulting and design work. Peggy Rendt performs document and report creation. Tom Wynne does our VB programming and has an amazing talent for making complex functionality execute in the simplest manner. Trevor Thompson is our phone support guru, with knowledge surpassing mortal man (when it comes to Advantage).

I am thankful for the experience gained at System 1/CapitalStream and excitedly look forward to the future in continued assistance to equipment leasing brokers.