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"It has been over 4 years now that we have been enjoying the use of your software program. During that time, the product does everything you said it would, and much more. On two occasions, we have requested support during computer and server replacements in our office, along with doing some proprietary documents for our office. You and your employees have done a very responsible, always-can-count on job, of supporting all aspects of the program you sell. I could not run my office without it, and although apprehensive at first, have found that you and your staff have surpassed all of my expectations, time and time again. Don't ever change - keep up the good work - for me and hundreds of leasing brokers across the country."
    Donna Cole - Business Capital Leasing, Richmond, VA

"Congrats to you and everyone who improved your software SO much over that past few years. It is really outstanding. Everything one could ask for now it does. Dozens of improvements since the old s1 ver 2.5h we were using!"
    Bruce Forinash - Investment Leasing Company, San Diego, CA

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for supporting the broker community with your Advantage product. I just had a situation with a repeat customer. He applied for a new lease and was approved. All we had to do was "clone" the lessee and add the new data and e-mail the docs That took about 5 minutes. At least that's what I thought. Then the Lessee informs me he has incorporated since our last transaction. With Advantage that's not a problem either. We were able to redo the docs in about 3 minutes. Thanks again"
    Bob Bell, CLP - Independent Leasing, Cumming, GA

"In 1999 Jim Buckles installed our Advantage software - without his professional assistance and knowledge of the program we would not be where we are today or as accomplished using the options available to us with our purchase. He was extremely patient - support calls were handled immediately. His careful explanation of the program and how to use it to our best advantage were worth many times the price paid. Our business has become more efficient and profitable because of his assistance - thank you Jim Buckles."
    June Sciotto - Regal Finance, Charlotte, NC

"I have found Jim Buckles to be knowledgeable about all aspects of my software programs, how they relate, how to manage them better and how to use them more efficiently. Not only System 1 (now Capital Stream), but also the overall set up of my software programs and even hardware installations. Overall, he is well educated, professional, very responsive and masterful at my contact management program and an excellent crisis manager. More importantly he has a complete understanding of my business and my industry and has had a direct positive impact on the bottom line of my company. I don't know what I would do with out his expertise."
    Theresa Kabot - Kabot Commercial Leasing, Seattle, WA